Earthworks – USACE Lesterville Bank Stabilization

Project Details

This project was for the implementation of bank stabilization measures in Yankton County, SD on Lewis and Clark Lake. The work location was on Lewis and Clark Lake approximately 10 miles upstream from Yankton SD.  The work consisted of bank and slope protection of approximately 1,000 linear feet and 2,500 tons of rip rap on Lewis and Clark Lake on the site herein referred to as the “Lesterville” in Yankton County, South Dakota. Fenton Construction Inc placed riprap along the shoreline of the reservoir. Access to the site was a challenge due to a lack of well-maintained roads and steep drop offs from the high bank.


Fenton Construction Inc.



Stabilizing a riverbank is crucial for environmental, economic, and safety reasons. Firstly, it helps prevent soil erosion, maintaining the integrity of the river ecosystem. Eroded sediments can harm water quality, disrupt aquatic habitats, and contribute to downstream flooding.

Secondly, stabilizing riverbanks protects adjacent infrastructure like roads, buildings, and agricultural land. Uncontrolled erosion can lead to costly property damage and increased maintenance expenses.

Lastly, it enhances public safety by mitigating the risk of landslides and property loss. Stable riverbanks provide recreational spaces and improve overall quality of life for communities along river corridors. In essence, riverbank stabilization is vital for environmental preservation, infrastructure protection, and human well-being.