Railway – BNSF Train Bridge

Project Details

Fenton Construction Inc. was called up to repair the earthwork supporting a vital train bridge.  This work ensures stability, preventing soil erosion and subsidence, safeguarding train operations. Neglect can lead to derailments and costly disruptions. Proper maintenance sustains the bridge’s integrity, upholding safety, and preserving vital rail infrastructure for efficient transportation and economic growth.


Fenton Construction Inc.


Rail Infrastructure



A train bridge foundation is a critical element in the infrastructure of railways, embodying immense importance. It serves as the bedrock upon which the entire structure relies, ensuring the safety and efficiency of train transportation. A well-designed and robust foundation distributes the immense weight and forces generated by passing trains, safeguarding against structural failures and derailments. Moreover, it resists natural forces like floods and earthquakes, enhancing resilience. Beyond safety, a strong foundation minimizes maintenance costs, prolonging the bridge’s lifespan and reducing disruptions in rail services.