Railway Projects – Milbank Derailment

Train Derails In Milbank

Fenton Construction was called in to address a Trail Derailment in Milbank, South Dakota.

A pickup truck that got stuck in the snow caused a grain train derailment in the northeastern South Dakota town of Milbank.

City Administrator John Forman says the pickup hauling a trailer got stuck at a crossing in town early Monday, and the train hit it.

Twenty-three rail cars and two engines went off the track, spilling an unknown amount of grain. No one was hurt.


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Aerial View of the Scene

Addressing a trail derailment necessitates immediate action for safety and recovery. First, secure the area, ensuring no further danger to personnel or the environment. Coordinate with emergency services and assess the damage. Then, initiate a comprehensive cleanup and restoration plan, including track repair and cargo containment, to minimize disruption and risks.