Rail to Truck Transloading

Transloading is very similar to intermodal shipping in that products are transferred between trucks and trains – except that with transloading, products are moved between conveyances rather than staying in the same container the whole way.
Let’s say that you are shipping a large quantity of sand, aggragate or other commodities over a great distance by rail. And, while you are happy with the cost-effectiveness of this method, you need to get this to your jobsite in the most efficient way you can.

How do you ensure both economy and efficiency in this process?

You can partner with Fenton.  We are the region's only company with transload capabilities. With our rail to truck transloading operation, Fenton will receive your shipment – whether on boxcar or center beam cars – into our transload yard and unload it directly into a side dump for immediate transport to the destination.

No other company in our area can do this.
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